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Total Lunar Eclipse

Sunday (May 15) Brings Us a Total Lunar Eclipse

Courtesy of Paul Lewis

The times posted on the image tell us when to look for the beginning, middle and end of totality for Eastern Daylight Time. The deep, dark, ruddy red color comes from the penetration of long orange and red wavelengths emitted by the sun that penetrate the filter of the earth’s atmosphere and make their way onto the moon. You should see a slight darkening as the moon enters the deep penumbral shadow and then the umbral shadow will definitely darken the moon when partial begins at 10:28 pm.

The weather is looking a little iffy this weekend but we may get lucky and see some partly cloudy skies on Sunday night into Monday early morning. Best of luck looking. Paul Lewis will be on the roof of the Nielsen Physics Building about 10:00 pm if we have at least partly cloudy skies on Sunday night if you're just looking for someplace to be with others to enjoy this marvelous event.

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